Newsletter: I’M BACK.

I’m sorry it was necessary to leave you stranded for a while. I will not bother you with the reasons, but I’m back now and anxious for us to reunite via blogs. Like the total eclipse of the sun today, time passes at an amazing pace. Thanks to all who have read Decent Deceit and enjoyed sharing the lives of Drake, Oscar, Charlie, and Patricia in their search for life’s validity.I’m already being encouraged to write a sequel, which is always a compliment to an author.

Writing and publishing take grit and stamina, and a solid belief in your product. Many are not willing to spend a year or more to write a perfect manuscript. Yes, we do want them to be perfect. The process is not for the faint of heart. Stressful, yes, but well worth it when we bring enjoyment to our readers, and gain knowledge and satisfaction in the process. After all, learning is what it is all about. Few successes in life are attained without an undaunted spirit.

Writing is about sewing all the pieces together like a patchwork quilt, making sure the seams are secure so the whole thing doesn’t ravel apart before it has served its usefulness. You might wonder why we do it anyway? We get an idea and it resists any effort of erasure, finally taking hold like barnacles on a boat. Soon, the characters become like family. They sit at the kitchen table with us, they follow us to the supermarket, they are there when we go to bed at night and gently awakens us in the mornings. They disappear, leaving their ghost blood behind only to reappear with stronger force, shaming us into renewed action and resolve. After writing “The End” we’re left in a bereavement state of mind and it takes a while to adjust before taking the plunge of writing again.

Thankfully, we come up with new ideas. They can spring up like weeds, where you don’t expect them, and are difficult to control. So we once again we form a new family of characters, and once again we have a purpose.

Please leave me a note about your own personal writing or painting projects, your concerns or questions.

Again, forgive me for my neglect and I promise to be in touch more often.

Until next time,