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Artist and Writer
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A Little Bit About Marie

Marie lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Her aim is to be truly original and provide intimacy between her fans and the art she produces. Marie's hope is that the viewer will momentarily stop and rest awhile in front of each canvas, or find renewal and hope in the artistically developed pages of her writings.

Marie the Painter

For eleven years, Marie studied and exhibited in New Orleans where she was affiliated with the Lampe Gallery of Fine Arts. She studied extensively under former Cuban artist, Leopoldo Giraudy, Batista’s personal artist prior to the Castro regime, with special emphasis on portrait painting and techniques of the Old Masters. She studied Modern Art Theory at the Univ. of New Orleans, and attended portrait seminars by John Howard Sanden, instructor at The Arts Student’s League in NYC.

Marie’s oil paintings are included in corporate collections including Tulane Medical School, The Amstar Corp (Domino Sugar) in New Orleans, La., The Thomas Center in Gainesville, Fl., and Sheraton at St. John’s Place Hotel in Jacksonville, Fl. She has exhibited through galleries in New Orleans, La., North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida. She is presently associated with Art Expo Gallery in St. Petersburg, Fl.

Marie’s work has gained considerable recognition; her range is varied and technique is determined by her feeling for the subject, but leans toward an impressionistic approach. Seriously dedicated to her art and her writing, she constantly strives to further her professional horizons.

Marie has also taught painting in Gainesville, Fl., Savannah, Ga., and Wilmington, N.C. She was twice featured on television through the Art Quest Gallery in N.C. She is a member of the National Association of Women in the Arts and National Association of Professional Women.

Marie the Author

In addition to painting, Marie is the author of four published novels: Decent Deceit, Man on the Balcony, Maggie’s Retreat, and Spanish Moss, as well as a memoir, Life Interrupted – When the Doctor Becomes the Patient.  Her novels draw heavily from her own life experiences and training as an artist. Her essays have been published in national magazines including The Artist, The Writer, and in on-line publications including Associated Content. In addition, she is a contributor to the PGA National newspaper, CAN.

Marie began writing at the age of 68.  She heard Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison say, “If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”  

Marie began to challenge herself to write a novel  about true love with strong characters.  She wanted to keep the novel clean and keep it interesting. Marie wrote her first book just to see if she could.

Marie’s book, Man on the Balcony, tells the story of Maggie, a career woman who moves to New Orleans to pursue a new career in art. Maggie’s ultimate goal is to regain her family homestead and convert it into a writer’s retreat.  This book is a story of true love, determination and the courage to make your dreams come true.

Today, Pinschmidt is the author of four novels: Man on the Balcony; its sequel Maggie’s Retreat; Spanish Moss; and her most recent novel Decent Deceit. Each book is informed in some way by Marie’s own experiences having spent 11 years in New Orleans, the wife of accomplished Tulane University ophthalmologist Dr. Norman Pinschmidt. Her experience as a caregiver to her husband served as the inspiration for her memoir entitled Life Interrupted: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient.

“When Norman passed, painting and writing was something I could devote my passion to and it’s been a blessing,” says Marie, “One book lead to another and then another."

“Age should not be a factor,” says Pinschmidt, “but I wouldn’t suggest you wait as long as I did.”

Marie's latest book, OUTTA MY MIND & INTO YOUR HEART, is a collection of personal essays, poetry, and random thoughts. She has spent a lifetime of searching, learning and embracing all things beautiful - music, art, writing, the gifts of nature and most of all beautiful people. Her thoughts are shared in an artful manner, any subject is fodder for her active and creative mind and often approached with wit and bravado. An ideal book for the busy reader. All of her books are available on Amazon, etc.