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Saving Porterville is a sequel to Decent Deceit but stands alone as a novel. It is a continuation of the story with an added character, a female semi-retired member of Homeland Security recruited to help save the small town from the Fentanyl and other drug dealers and cartels. A story of the timely war on drugs. Can the small group of friends plus a charming new agent save the town. It is also a middle age love story that brings delight to the reader.

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Journey with Drake Dawson as he walks through the unraveling of his life due to deception and its far reaching consequences.

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Marie's exquisite use of color and atmospheric perspective is reminiscent of old masters painting styles. Marie leans toward impressionism but often comes forth with expressive palette knife and abstract work.

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Marie's exquisite writing paints a story with local flavor and atmosphere that will make you feel like you are right in the room with her characters.

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