Excerpt from OUTTA MY MIND

Most of my life has been spent in pursuit of art rather than money. Once you become reasonably good at a creative activity – or any activity – the process is too satisfying to give up. The art follows you. You are aware when not at the easel, piano, or at the computer writing, etc. We are never completely satisfied with our efforts…keeping us in an emotional state. If we stop, the high we get while doing it disappears. We must keep up the momentum, always striving to do a more perfect job. We allow critics to set standards and are left with the feeling of not performing quite up to “masterpiece” level. Our personal standards are secondary. We want only to be the polished rock, not one covered in scum. The world seems not to care, or they wallow in it because of a perceived notion that its “modern” or up to date. Whatever time we are in dictates. We allow public opinion to influence or happiness or lack thereof.

We will never find contentment until we control or own mind, disregard the opinions of others, listen to our own voice. Let the music of your heart ring out, let your eyes feast on the beauty all around, let it drain from your fingertips, the easel, or drawing board. Listen and pay attention to your own thoughts, let them live before they disappear in the maelstrom of public opinion. Be what you were born to be – be what you are inside and what your heart tells you – the only path to contentment.

If you come to the end of life still searching, you can be satisfied that you gave it your true best. Only the future can judge your performance. Die by your own standards, in faith that you gave the world your all, a gift to be accepted or rejected. Only then will your heart be at peace with itself. Don’t die with regrets.

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