I’m back…

Hello, after a long absence. In case you’ve missed me, the last year has been filled with much unrest. Illness took over my life but I’m finally back to a more normal lifestyle of writing and painting and adjusting. The bright spot is that the illness forced me into a place where I had to give up control and concentrate on the positives in my life.

The preoccupation of physical recovery allowed me to start another book; this time, a book of essays and accumulated poetry over the last few years. When the world hands us lemons we have to find a better use for them than making lemonade. I think I’ve done that. Illness forces us to evaluate life and accent the positive and eliminate the negative. I wish you success in doing that because it essential in gaining and maintaining happiness.

Please stay tuned for more updates. I may even gift you with samples of my essays and poetry. My published books are still out there on Amazon, etc. if you haven’t looked lately. In the meantime, revisit my site which I plan to reinvigorate soon.

Have a great autumn wherever you are, stay healthy and happy in spite of the negativity surrounding us.